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Here are some of the message from supporters that have warmed my heart.

Broken Souls Reviews

"I really loved this story, I don't usually comment but this time I want to say my opinion. I really loved the way you wrote, I was getting kind of tired of the drama after drama in other books and I think you did pretty good with filling the story with other stuff after something happened. Also the sex and stuff was written really nicely, it wasn't described aggressively and with words I don't like to read lmao. What I want to say is that the way you described those moments were really good that it didn't make me want to skip them. The length of this book shouldn't really have to bother people, like sometimes it's needed to be lengthy. And again, this book is so amazing and I can't wait to read the sequels!"

"A beautifully touching story of found love for two lost souls. Tragedy and sadness fills the lives of two young people and they find eachother at the pinnacle of thier sadness and abuse. When reading this story you will be feeling so many emotions ranging from sadness, anger, guilt, love and fulfillment and root for these two all the way through.❤"

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Damned Reviews

"Heyy! Just wanted to let you know that this was an amazing read! You're a wonderful writer and I hope you keep up the great work! Loved the book! Stay safe and take care! :)"

"This was an amazing book cant wait to read the sequel".

"Pleased to have come across this amazing read!!"

"I love this book".

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